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and in perfect tension



“and in perfect tension” is about finding an original form with which to cover the body. Through a process that is true to its original source, which in this case is a sphere, garments can also be made pure and original. Each small object made is intended to mimic the sphere in some way, whether it is in tension, perfection, or repetition. These were each experimented with until the combination of form and tie created an object that represented these “pure” aspects of the sphere. Every garment is an attempt to recreate the sphere over the human body. Plus size women are especially helpful in this process as their body shape suggests new and different garment forms. With an eye to experiment and pure shapes, this collection is an attempt to create new and original work, allowing us to see more than we understand. 


funded by a grant from the CCA



This original object was made in an attempt to recreate a sphere through repeated plastic strips. Each strip is tied at the top to create a ring, with a series of overlapping rings creating the sphere itself. Many different iterations were made in order to research what system of construction would best recreate the sphere in tension, perfection and balance.


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