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"every shadow finds its morning light"


Initially inspired by religion, this project is a natural representation of rapture, where nature takes our bodies into an eternal afterlife. The textile is made from organisms that grow off of decomposing substances, essentially forming a “garden of the afterlife”. This ecosystem feeds and flourishes off of what the body leaves behind and we live eternally in the plants and creatures that use our corpses, embodying a natural spirituality.



This coat is made entirely from mushroom mycelium. The mushroom spawn is inoculated onto burlap fabric where it grows into the textile providing it with both food and backing. Initially made in squares of material, the final garment was individually pieced together with strands of burlap. Made with the extensive help and research of Ecovative, a mycelium styrofoam company in Albany, NY.


Paid for by a scholarship from the Barbara L. Kuhlman foundation.

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