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herself pt. 1


The human form is composed of various and varying shapes and volumes. If these are what we use to construct images of beauty, they may also help us understand beauty in a variety of contexts. For herself pt. 1, plus size nude women were photographed and from those photos, their bodies were used to find forms and shapes that highlight their inherent beauty.  These body shapes were then reimagined as a series of forms, which were used to create an entire collection of garments to cover the bodies of the nude women initially used in the research. Every shape, pattern, textile and form was derived from bodies abstracted by myself, making the garments a proto-extension of the human form. Women wore themselves in the sense that their covering was an abstraction of themselves; exposing their inherent beauty. Emphasis was placed on the production of process and the creation of self-referential objects. Below are the original photos with the abstracted forms painted over them, the final product is presented in both film and illustrated/photographic form.




Material research was based on principles of 2D graphics and both properly and improperly translating abstracted forms into the thrid dimension. Foam and sheet acrylic were lasercut, fused and pieced together to create a strong physical and two dimensional objects.


music - Patrick Wolf; Empress

filming- Hanbyul Seo

editing & direction - Brandon Wen

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